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Black Bird Farms is as hemp clone and seed company that started in July of 2018. We currently occupy 64,000 sq. feet of environmentally controlled greenhouses in Arvada Colorado, with an amazing staff of growers and all around good people. Our staff is eco minded and uses all natural regimens and organic practices in all aspects of growing cloning and caring for our plants. We use living soil, grown with no synthetic nutrients, hormones or byproducts. No synthetic PGR either, which means we only use organic aloe for cloning! We believe that our greenhouses are a living eco system, our staff, space and plants all work together in perfect harmony. We ensure that we are producing clean quality products and our end goal is to be able to pass that to our customers with peace of mind.

Our Growers

Greg Godsey - Horticulture Manager | blackbirdfarmsco.com

Greg Godsey

Horticulture Manager
Greg Godsey cares about the earth and the environment. As an accomplished plant ecologist and award-winning commercial cannabis cultivator, plant breeder, and environmental consultant, Greg has learned to maximize yields and returns while minimizing impact to healthy ecosystems. His Bachelors degree in Plant Biology and Ecology from the University of Colorado, an International Permaculture Design Certification from Denver Permaculture Guild, and 13 years of cannabis and food crop production experience within an ever-changing regulatory framework makes him uniquely qualified for anything plant related. With 7+ years of experience in legal commercial cultivation of over 50,000 sq. ft. of indoor warehouses and several acres of greenhouse, aquaponic food crops, and full sun cannabis crops, he is comfortable developing, scaling, and managing systems, seed to sale, to fit any client’s needs.

Jared St. John

Operations Manager
Jared St. John was born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado, having a deep passion for the outdoors and a devotion to the land that he learned to work early on, he has never left. Jared is a Jack of all trades and unlike many people, he is a master of many of them. Jared has an extensive history of farming and agricultural experience which has influenced his positive impact and guidance at Black Bird Farms. Prior to his employment at Black Bird Farms Jared had worked as the manager of operations at various marijuana grows in Colorado, always leading by example of what hard work and compassion should look like. Jared has a great respect for the environment and his community which has created an enormous impact on how we operate at Black Bird Farms.
Jared St. John - Operations Manager | blackbirdfarmsco.com
Nakita Houk - VP Operations | blackbirdfarmsco.com

Nakita Houk

VP Operations
Nakita Houk is a Native of North Idaho and manages many aspects of the Colorado based hemp company Black Bird Farms from her office in Coeur d’Alene. Nakita started with Green Hawk Funding, the parent company of Black Bird Farms, in October of 2016 after leaving Wells Fargo Bank where she was a personal and business banker for 5 years. Nakita has spent most of her life in the outdoors as an avid horseperson and hunter. Her appreciation for nature and our environment has allowed her to take and conscience-minded approach to the products and procedures at Black Bird Farms ensuring they are sustainable and of utmost quality.
Frank Alvarez - Greenhouse manager | blackbirdfarmsco.com

Frank Alvarez-Gil

Greenhouse Manager
Frank Alverez-Gil has a very important roll at Black Bird Farms in Colorado as a garden manager. Frank spends a majority of his time in the gardens ensuring quality control and guidance for the garden tenders in daily activities. Frank has a long history that brought him to call Colorado his home. Originally from Florida state, Frank has a special appreciation and passion for the outdoors and the environment. Prior to working for Black Bird Frank worked in many different fields of employment varying from sales for large national companies to gardening at privately owned marijuana companies in Colorado. Frank is an enthusiastic and devoted cultivator always environmentally conscious and mindful of the working eco system he he strived so hard to help build at Black Bird Farms.

Chris Jonesy

Garden Tender
Chris Jonesy - Garden Tender | blackbirdfarmsco.com
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Our Facility

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